Monday, July 26, 2010

23 weeks 3 days

First of all I am excited to have made it this far. I seem to be having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. I talked to my OB about the whole scar tissue and breastfeeding deal and she said that I need to make an appointment with the Nurse Practiotioner who is also the laction consultant there. I am hoping things will work though. I seem to only leak from 1 breast and it is the one that doesn't have the big scar tissue on it so I am sort of freaked about that. We have an appointemnt on Monday for another ultrasound to check her heart and stuff out and make sure she's still a girl, lol. Starting next week I will be at the office every week for the rest of my pregnancy. Kind of scarey to think about.

I have a new background and I am super excited about it! I need to get back to blogging and be fun again, lol. There are a few bloggy ladies that I am just so excited for so I thought I'd tell you to go over and share in the joy they have going on. Sonja just brought home Liam a few days ago, the first of her quads to come home and that is huge. They will all be home before she knows it! Rachel just got the call last week that her family was growing by 1 and her story of those first days is just amazing.

The good: Still the movement. I love it. It makes everything so real. It helps me feel better about things when I get worried and it reassures me that she is in there and growing. my belly is growing and I love it. You can tell I'm pregnant more and more all the time.

The bad: I have so much trouble getting to sleep. I just can't get comfortable. Between my belly and my flare that won't quit I just can't seem to be comfortable enough to not toss and turn all night long.

The ugly: The heartburn. It effing sucks.


Kakunaa said...

Quads??? Holy moly! And I joke about twins! Glad to hear it, tho. And glad you are doing well :) Does this mean we get to see more u/s pics?

Suzy said...

Love your new background!
And ugh the heartburn is for me the worst part of pregnancy. I found that chewable antacids were the only thing that got me though. I'd burn through packet after packet of them!

Stefanie said...

Nice background.