Friday, May 28, 2010

15 weeks

I went yesterday for my 3-hour test. Sooooo boring. I did read almost all of "Where the Heart Is" for the zillionth time during my 1 hour waits. I am super hopeful that I will know something today but they told me it may be Tuesday because of the holiday weekend. Even if I pass I still have to be on a "No concentrated sweets" diet for the remainder of the pregnancy. I am not looking forward to that, but whatever I have to do to keep the little one safe and keep me from giving birth to a 10 pounder.

The Good: We have our Level II in 3 weeks. YAY!!! I am feeling better, a lot better.

The Bad: Heartburn. Wow, I get it when I drink water or eat spicey food or somehting sweet or salty. I have it allllll the time.

The ugly: A few of my stretch marks are turning red again, which means they are starting to stretch and my belly is itching like crazy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A few belly shots

Everything is starting to shift and lift and round out more. These are from today at 14wk 5d.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A big fat fucking fail...

I had my early Gestational Diabetes test yesterday. I totally expected to pass it. I was all cocky, assuming things were going to be perfect. I asked when I would hear back and she said 1-2 days and not at all if things were good.

Guess who got a call today?! Me. I had a voicemail and totally was hoping that maybe there was some sort of billing question or someone saying I needed to redo it because the lady messed up or something. Nope. Instead "Michelle" told me that my level was 156 and the cutoff is 135. Also not all to great since I had been fasting (not on purpose) and it was still that elevated. Now my Thursday morning will be spent having the 3 hour test done. I have to watch my sugar and carb intake until then.

I would love to say I can't believe I actually failed, but I can. I'm overweight and and technically had it with B's pregnancy but I had a shitty OB who didn't really care. I will keep you updated!

Friday, May 21, 2010

14 weeks

Sometimes I have this moment of "Holy shit, there is really a baby in there, this is seriously happening". It is an amazing moment each and everytime it happens

There has been some really awesome news on a few bloggy friend's ends and i couldn't be happier for them!

There was something else I wanted to put here but I cannot remember it.

The good: I am starting to feel the little one move. It's just little flutters and it made think I had bubble guts the first time, but it's there and it's OUR BABY! My belly is becoming actual preggo belly, like it won't suck in anymore and it still sticks out when I lay down. We have an ultrasound appointment in 4 weeks. We should find out the sex hopefully then as well as see whats up in the cervix department.

The bad: Not a lot to report here. I thought I could eat but I am back to small portions several times a day. Also, I can't get enough ice cream. It is bound to be the death of me. I have my first GD test on Monday and up until now it hasn't made me nervous. Now i am kind of freaking out. T keeps making fun of me when I eat things telling me that it is going to make me fail the test.

The ugly: Nada.

Monday, May 17, 2010

13w 3d OFFICIALLY 2nd TRIMESTER!!!!!!!!

I am pretty pumped about this!!! This is the most conclusive answer to when a trimester starts, every 13.3 weeks. So today, trimester 2 is here!!!!!!!!!

The good: I am actually able to eat a full meal now. Up until Saturday I could only eat maybe half of whatever it was that we were eating. Then Saturday I was hungry and I ate a lot, lol.

The bad: I still haven't gone into RA pregnancy remission, I am guessing that means it won't be happening for me. Boo. Constipation is so fortunately stepping back into my life and that makes me a little nauseous all the time.

The ugly: I seriously need an attitude adjustment. I can't keep from saying what is on my mind to people, even complete strangers. Watch out!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

12w 3d

For Mother's Day I got a baby monitor and 2 cards. It was a good day. It feels a little more productive to get something that isn't just cute, lol.

The good: I'm feeling good. No more headaches really so that is awesome.

The bad: Nausea and a horrible, horrible RA flare.

The ugly: I am an emotional wreck.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The proud Momma delivers!

I told you I would post pictures and now I am! As a majorly proud Momma I will post all 5 of them, lol.

11 weeks 5 days

I had an ultrasound and my first "real" appointment with my OB yesterday. Everything with the baby is looking great. Baby measured 11w4d with a heartbeat between 173 and 175. Our new OFFICIAL due date (because it has been seen 2 times at an US) is now November 19, 2010. YAY! It was overall a good appointment, we had lots of questions answered and got lots of reassurance from her. She said that I will have the 1-hour glucose test in 3 weeks because I was on metformin, even though it was just for ovulation not diabetes. In 6 weeks we will have a Level II ultrasound and since I will be almost 18 weeks we will hopefully find out the sex. I will then have monthly ultrasounds to check my cervix and all that fun stuff to be sure that I don't start dilating too early. It is pretty crazy that in 6 weeks we will know what we are having(hopefully). I will post pictures later today.

The good: EVERYTHING!!!

The bad: nothing this week.

The ugly: I got nothin.