Wednesday, May 5, 2010

11 weeks 5 days

I had an ultrasound and my first "real" appointment with my OB yesterday. Everything with the baby is looking great. Baby measured 11w4d with a heartbeat between 173 and 175. Our new OFFICIAL due date (because it has been seen 2 times at an US) is now November 19, 2010. YAY! It was overall a good appointment, we had lots of questions answered and got lots of reassurance from her. She said that I will have the 1-hour glucose test in 3 weeks because I was on metformin, even though it was just for ovulation not diabetes. In 6 weeks we will have a Level II ultrasound and since I will be almost 18 weeks we will hopefully find out the sex. I will then have monthly ultrasounds to check my cervix and all that fun stuff to be sure that I don't start dilating too early. It is pretty crazy that in 6 weeks we will know what we are having(hopefully). I will post pictures later today.

The good: EVERYTHING!!!

The bad: nothing this week.

The ugly: I got nothin.

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Kakunaa said...

Fantastic! You have an EDD! I'm so happy for you :)