Monday, July 12, 2010

21 weeks 3 days

Things have gotten boring. I feel like there is nothing really to post. I have my very first completely routine (I hope) OB appointment this Thursday. No ultrasound, no freaking out, no pelvic (fingers crossed). Just measurements, weight, heartbeat, and questions. I have a few for them. My biggest concern is breastfeeding. I had nipple piercings and they are closed up but the scar tissue isn't so great so I am a little concerned as to whether it will work out or not. Also we have a mini-vacation planned for September but I start weekly progesterone injections in a few weeks and I will be around 32 weeks for that trip and I just need to be sure that we will be OK for a trip around 5 hours away. I will also start having weekly growth ultrasounds and non-stress tests at 32 weeks so it should be very busy!

The good: D moves alllllll the time! T even feels her sometimes. You can tell that I am pregnant, that is if you know me. We have been shopping and gotten her some really cute stuff. I will have to post pictures of some of it along with her bedding set.

The bad: heartburn. This girl better have a crapload of hair is all I can say.

The ugly: My emotions. I have banned myself from many things, like country music and lots of shows because I can't stop crying sometimes.

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Kakunaa said...

A. Yay for another week gone by :)
B. Let me know about the nipple piercing thing....I had mine done as well...one TWICE! So I am curious about the answer.
C. I just saw you do Passion Parties (how did I miss that before???) and I LOVE IT!!!