Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holy shiznit

It has been for-effing-ever since I posted last. I'm doing so now from my iPhone which both ducks and is awesome.

Little Miss Delia is doing great from everything we know. A few weeks ago she decided to test us and see if she could go ahead and come out but we quickly changed her mind with procardia and bedrest.

29 weeks 6 days
The good: she's still in there. She moves a ton. She will be here in no time.

The bad: contractions. She's frank breach.

The ugly: I am an emotional freaking basketcase. I started freaking out yesterday when I realized that in5 weeks, if she comes she won't be stopped. Scarey.


Kakunaa said...

Wow, it has been a while! I didn't even realize how long it has been! Glad you have been able to keep baby inside :) good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey,
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Heather said...

Hi - I just also found your blog. Congrats on the pregnancy and hope it goes smoothly!

sonja said...

Just checking in ... hope you are doing well and Delia is here or almost here! Post when you can!!

Stefanie said...

May you have a Fabulous New Year!

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