Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smiley face, no smiley face

I got a smiley face on my OPK yesterday and then a negative today. I already ovulated with 1 days notice. OMFG. Thank goodness we took care of business, lol.

Question for some of you ladies. TMI coming up. This cycle a lot changed for me. I started taking metformin along with the clomd I was already on. I also had an HSG. These past few days I have had sooooooo much EWCM. I am guessing that is a good sign that things are working pretty well in there. Anyone else who has done any of this notice this change?

Tomorrow or the next day, the ABCs of infertility. Oh yeah. I know you're excited.


Browniris said...

I can't remember whether I had extra EWCM after my HSG. I would hope that it is a good sign, though...especially since I have heard that Clomid dries things up. GL!

AKD said...

I'm sorry I'm not much help to you. :( I didn't have an increase in anything after either my HSGs or my Metformin, but neither helped me to ovulate. I'm glad that you were prepared for ovulation, though! ;)

Jacksmom said...

Hope the metformin helped!! ICLW!

sonja said...

Those OPKs drove me INSANE. Mine were never obvious and I never had reliable EWCM either. I was always so confused!

Glad you didn't miss your window!!