Friday, June 4, 2010

16 weeks. wow.

For some reason I can't believe I am 16 weeks, we are less than 2 weeks from having our Level II and hopefully finding out the sex. B is super excited about the baby and constantly thinking of it. He even wanted to rent it a movie at Blockbuster a few nights ago. I am sooooo excited!!!!

The good: My belly is getting bigger and harder. I feel the baby, in fact I just felt a big thump. I love it. it seems like I get flutters when T touches my belly, I think maybe becuase my heart starts beating faster or something, lol.

The bad: Constipation is back and with it has come cervical bleeding every now and then. Freaks. me. out.

The ugly: I am moody. Yes, still.


Ana F said...

Im still not feeling the baby, but I hear you on the constipation UGHH hate it!!! Oh and Im very moody too :) YAY for 16 weeks!

AKD said...

I hear you on the constipation, too. :( I've been on Colace, and also drink plum juice. It's naturally lower in sugar than most fruit juices, and is good for digestive health. It might be worth looking at! If things get really bad, you can use milk of magnesia every once in a while.