Friday, June 11, 2010

17 weeks, almost half.way.there.

We are sosososososososo clooooooosssssse to half-way there that I can taste it, lol. Literally. Because you better believe that I will be scarfing down sweets and carbs as soon as this kid gets out. We have our Level 2 ultrasound next Thursday at 17w6d. We are hoping that we can gind out the sex that day.

There was a small scare on Tuesday. I was having some pretty intense cramps and a few days before had a little mucousy blood. I called the OB and they said to get in right away. They did an ultrasound to check my cervical length and all that good stuff. Cervix looks great, no funneling so woohoo for that! We took a peek at the baby and it was so cute, it has grown so very much. We got a picture of it's head and torso and a little leg. The spine stood out so perfectly. Then we got a picture of and arm and hand. I love this kid!

Something that I hadn't really thought about happening was the jealousy that I still feel toward women who get pregnant so easily or on accident. I just can't help it. Atleast it's not towards people I know these days. Mostly the girls from high school who are 23 or 24 and on kid number 4. Fucking 4! Are you shitting me? Anyway. It's weird, kind of makes me feel odd.

The good: Little one is moving around. Not a ton, mostly just rolling around. We are super close to knowing the sex of the baby. We already have names all picked out!

The bad: As usual, constipation. I can't sleep on my stomach comfortabley. I have constant pelvic pain, I guess since things are spreading.

The ugly: My emotions are out of whack big time. Anything can make me wanna cry. We saw a dead dog on the road a few days ago. I teared up because it had a collar on and since it had a collar on that meant it was someone's pet and somebidy was gonna be so sad when they realized their doggy wasn't coming home. I'm crying a little now just thinking about it.


Trippy Momma said...

i totally understand about the crying. In fact, your story about the dog just made me tear up! It can be so aggravating sometimes!

Suzy said...

Woah I cant believe how fast time is going! (I'm sure it doesnt seem that way for you though!)
Congrats on (almost) halfway :)