Friday, April 2, 2010

7 weeks

Freakin' finally!!! It feels like I have been pregnant forever and I am only at week 7. I guess knowing for almost the last month does not help that at all. I am wondering if I should call the RE even though he didn't do anything for me aside from tell me I am overweight. I may call and just see what they say. All day yesterday felt kind of weird for me, last year I was almost 8 weeks and we had our first appointment. They confirmed the pregnancy so we mass-texted (yeah, I know, classy) everyone to tell them. I remember the day because we thought everyone woud think it was a joke for April Fool's. This weekend is Easter and last year I was pregnant for Easter too. The only difference is that not many people know and won't for quite a while.

Yesterday I got my March Secret Pals package. I was sooooo excited. I will take a picture and post it shortly. it was kind of like she read my mind, lol.

And now, our regularly scheduled programming.

The good: Once again, still pregnant. No morning sickness. No more constipation. Sleep is gooooooood. Filet O Fish from McDonalds, oh freakin yum!!!!!!!! We found the cutest little onesies and bought them because they are unisex and we knew they wouldn't be around much longer.

The bad: Emotions. These weeks are going by sooooo slow. I have been having cramps and they scare the shit out of me. Heartburn blows.

The ugly: My attitude freakin sucks. I go from nice to bitch instantly. Our house is a wreck. Dishes make me gag and dry heave. Cravings, when I want something it is the only thing I can eat without feeling like it is going to make a return appearance or waste half of it.

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AKD said...

I know exactly what you mean about time dragging! I can tell you the exact minute we did the embryo transfer - it seems like years

I'm just so happy for you!!