Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have my follow-up with my OB tomorrow after my OB history appointment. I will have an ultrasound then have an exam. That is just super, except for the fact that I will be alone. Not too sure how I will handle having an ultrasound all by myself. What if it's bad? What if the baby died? What if it is going to die? What if there is something seriously wrong? How will I ever get home or even be able to call someone to come get me. T can't come because he is trying to build up his vacation/sick/comp time at work so when the baby comes he has plenty of time to take off if need be. I'm just scared. I honestly don't want anyone else to go with me aside from T, so I guess I'd rather risk it alone than ask someone else. I just don't want someone else to know anything before T does, if things are great I want to call him first. If something is wrong I want to tell him before I even think of anyone else.


Kelly said...

You will be in my thoughts tomorrow. I hope that all goes well and your little bean looks great!

I understand your concerns about DH not being there. Is there any way he could take a half day or make up his time?

Mrs.Joyner said...

I really feel like this is the baby you've been waiting for Leda..I really do. Im hoping, and praying, and all that good stuff for fantastic, wonderful, normal news tomorrow.

Lynn said...

Oh, Leda :( I'm sorry it's such a scary time for you when it should be so joyful! I am really praying things go well for you tomorrow! I pray that when you see that little one, you'll have nothing but good news to tell T :D

Btw, I wanted to thank you for being my Secret Pal last month! I received your gift a couple of days ago and it is fantastic! I love the yarn and am already planning the projects I'm going to make with it :D And the crochet needle case is perfect! I had just told The Hubs (literally the DAY BEFORE the package arrived) that I would like a blue case and there it was :D It was an awesome gift! Thank you!

AKD said...

You will be in my thoughts tomorrow, Leda! I've had to make a few trips to the OB myself, and just panic - I always think, "What if I have to call my husband to meet me at the hospital?!?" I have faith that everything will be great, though. Hugs!

cheryllookingforward said...

I'll be thinking about you today Leda. Let us know everything as soon as you can!

I was alone when I found out my baby died. It was terrible, but I would rather have it that way than to have someone besides my husband there with me. I know that sounds weird, but I was able to just be me instead of having to pretend to be OK for somebody else.

I really really don't want you to dwell on these thoughts, though. I'll be with you in spirit!!!!!!!