Monday, April 12, 2010

8 weeks

I was 8 weeks yesterday. With the EDD changing all the time it seems like this is lasting forever!!! I am very excited that we are just 3 weeks away from our next Turkey sighting! It's great to know that the next time we see the baby it will look like one. A really, really great friend sent me a doppler that she used at the beginning of her pregnancy and I got it last week. I won't even try to use it for another week or so but I am very excited about that too!!!

The good: My boobs are HUGE! When I sleep, it is soooooo good. There is a baby in there. No more spotting or cramps. I am thinking boy. Weird, but I am.

The bad: There really is none to report! That is exciting!

The ugly: My cravings. Really?! 8 weeks and I am already craving things. STEAK!!!!! I want it all the time. A nice juicey steak sounds good like all the time.


AKD said...

I craved beef pretty constantly from about 8 weeks until about 12 weeks - and I almost never eat red meat! Hooray, 8 weeks!

Ana F said...

LOL!! I know that changes of dates!! I have a feeling mine will change soon too! Glad no more spotting or cramping! We are already on our 2month!!! Congrats!

hhammer said...

mmmmmm, steak. Now I want some too! =)

Trippy Momma said...

I can relate to the big boobs part... mine were big to begin with, now they just keep getting bigger and bigger! Not to mention how sore they are!