Monday, March 22, 2010

6 weeks

I love that my weeks start on Monday. It makes things so easy to keep up with. There isn't much going on around here this week. Doing a little spring cleaning. Searching for baby stuff because we like to be prepared. We have an appointment for an ultrasound on Friday when I will be 6w4d. As it is getting closer I am getting more worried. I am absolutely terrified that there will be nothing there. It will just be empty, no baby, no heartbeat, maybe not even a sac. I told T about this last week and I cried. I hate that I thought this.

The good: Still pregnant! No spotting, bleeding or anything! A little TMI here, the sex is awesome! I feel like cleaning which is amazing, lol.

The bad: Peeing all the time. Constipation or diarheaa. Sooooo bloated.

The ugly: Still really bitchy. Acne. Hemeroids. Woo! Boy am I emotional. yesterday we went to look for stencils and stuff too go with the nursery themes we have chosen then to the fabric store to look for fabrics for wall hangings. T's Mom passed away in May 2008, she loved to sew and I got all emotional leaving the fabric store. I couldn't stop myself from crying because I know how much she would have loved to make things for our baby. How happy she would have been for us. And here I sit again, crying. It just breaks my heart that she won't be here for this.


cheryllookingforward said...

Happy 6 weeks!

I've been feeling weepy about people who aren't here to meet our baby, too. But I know they are happy for us somewhere.

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AKD said...

Happiest of 6 weeks!!

The (Type A) Nightmare said...

My Mom passed away in May of '08 too. It's made infertility even more horrible. Good luck on the ultrasound. It sounds great!!!


kimbosue said...

YAY for your BFP!!

Mrs.Joyner said...

So 1) Im so pumped that your 6 weeks..Leda, you're pregnant!! Has it set in yet?! Also 2) FB is NOT letting me find you. So friend request me,Im MariAnn Wolfe Joyner. Guess all the crazies have my info now =)

Anonymous said...


Liddy from
No. 144: the unfair struggle (male-factor, speedskating, life)

Busted Kate said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on the pregnancy!! Best wishes and prayers for a safe and happy pregnancy :-)

I saw you on ICLW, and you had me at "bitter bitch". :-) Seriously, I always scan the list first looking for humor. If you can't laugh at infertility, what CAN you laugh at?

Anyways, I'm following you now!

Happy ICLW, #117

Catrisha T said...


ICLW #33

Stefanie said...

Congratulations on you pregnancy, and HAPPY 6 Weeks!

Still following and
~Stopping by for ICLW #78

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Congratulaions! Wishing you an uneventful 9 months to come!! In a good way :)

sonja said...

Happy 6 weeks! I have an u/s tomorrow, too! I will be thinking of you and am sending you lots of good luck and prayers that all is perfect!!