Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The appointment

I know, I know. I wasn't supposed to have this appointment with the RE but I did anyway. Pretty much I heard that I need to lose 75 pounds and to take a medical intervention break for 3-6 months. He thinks I will get pregnant on my own during this time as long as I dedicate myself to losing the weight and getting healthy. T decided that is what we will do and we mean it this time. I am looking for something to get into that will make me accountable. I need a workout buddy or something. I thought about weight watchers but I just don't know. We have gotten rid of the bad foods and I burned 200 calories on the WiiFit. I will be doing that 3 times a day. Once in the morning before everyone wakes up, again midday after lunch then at night while we watch TV or whatever. I love it because there is a free step option where you step up onto the balance board then off and it counts your steps. You change it over to the TV and listen to the controller. I love it!

He said that my next step is injectables and that would up my multiple risk because I am only 24. I (from what he says) would be at risk of all sorts of things if I were to carry multiples because of my Rheumatoid Arthritis and the fact that I had Pre-Eclampsia. I am going to schedule T's SA for very soon and get that over with. I have a few things they are testing for. I think insulin and whatnot and thyroid and prolactin. I think that's it. If I think of anything else I will be back to update.

I know that BrownIris had her RE consult today too and I cannot wait for her to tell us all about it!

PS. I am 7 DPO and still hopeful for this cycle. Who knows? It could happen!


Browniris said...

It sounds like you guys have a plan that you both feel okay with. DH and I have also both been trying to get healthier lately. I have found that it helps me to go to classes at the gym. I have made friends there and I feel "accountable" to go. I am also planning on signing up to run a 5K. I figure that is another thing that will help me be more accountable.

I don't know if your insurance offers this, but mine offers counseling with a dietician for pretty much no cost. I met with a dietician every month for five months and only had to pay $25 total. She helped me set realistic goals with calories and exercise.

Kelly said...

I know the waiting is tough, but it sounds like you have a plan in place to get you your BFP.

Hang in there with the weight loss. You could see the things that you're doing that you think are small having huge results!

AKD said...

I'm so glad you have a plan, Leda - and doctors who you trust. I'm hoping for great things this month for you!

cheryllookingforward said...

I'll be cheering you one, Leda! I have two friends who successfully used the weight watchers points system to drop their weight. They both look amazing now!