Friday, March 5, 2010

Since we are "taking a break"

I am gonna keep posting my feelings on infertility. I can't stop that. I will *maybe* even post cycle stats, who knows? One thing I do know for sure is I am also going to be chronicling my weight loss journey here. I ain't skeered. I will be posting my weight every week (on Mondays) and the things that I do. Maybe daily, but most likely every other day so I don't bore you too awful much. Are you guys all OK with this? Anyone wanna join me? I'm calling this journey "Losing weight to gain a baby" and that is what I will title the posts with in case you don't care to read them, lol.

Anybody with me?


Anonymous said...

How much weight do you need to lose?
I have twenty pounds set on my butt! Making a baby isn't my goal, easing pain in my back would be. I like the look of your Blog very pretty. Glad I found you! Came from IComLeavWe:-)


Jaclynn_kyuss said...

I am in the same boat as you. Started at 230 and got down to 199. then back up to 212. Now I'm knocked up! Son of a B I guess I will always be the big girl in the group!