Monday, January 25, 2010

#1 on the "To Don't" List

How is it that everyone thinks that they can tell you "Don't stress" and that will be enough to make you not do it? If that were the case then I would tell T to go and win the lottery and guess what... he would. I feel like TTC has put me on edge and now I stress out about the littlest things.

I stress when my socks are all dirty. I stress when I spill something on the floor. I stress when I find out someone is coming over last minute. I really seem to stress when I find out someone is coming at all. Obviously I stress about the real issues in life, such as when (or if) I will ovulate or how long my cycle will be. I stress about whether I will be pregnant by the anniversary of our loss. I stress about eventually having a nursery. I stress about how I will feel when I am pregnant, who I will tell.

Well, here is what I do to de-stress. I just sit around and blame other people. I blame people we know for having kids so easily. I blame the lady across the street for having so many damn kids. I blame the asshole at Walmart for having a pregnant wife and looking like he's 12 and so is she. I blame the nurses at my OB/GYN's office because they don't call me back fast enough to tell me I'm not pregnant, or I'm not ovulating. I blame my family for stressing me and making me mad. I blame T for everything noone else can be blamed for.

So, when stress gets the best of you, pick someone and make it their fault. Unless of course it really is your fault, then get the eff over it.

Tell me what you stress about. Get it out. You can even tell me who you blame for what if you want.

Tomorrow: Eating and drinking fertility.

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