Monday, January 25, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin

The 2WW is always a huge killer for me. I am (I think) officially 1 DPO. I have been testing and testing and testing and finally broke down yesterday and bought some FRER OPKs, came home, took one and it was for sure positive. So exciting!!!! So now we wait. And hope that we made a baby. On Tuesday I have my blood drawn to check my progesterone which will of course show I am not Oing because it will only be 3 DPO and not 7 like it needs to be. So, if I am not pregnant this time I am sure they will up the Clomiphene.

During this 2WW I go through a ton of "I think I am pregnant" to "I know I'm not, it will never happen" thoughts. I drive myself crazy. Of course I start testing entirely to early because I talk myself into it. This month I am officially waiting until I am at least 10 DPO and then, if it is a BFN I will wait until I am late for AF. Now, i wonder how many times I have told myself that exact thing.

So, I am sure the next few weeks will be crazy with posting about reasons i am pregnant and reasons I am not.

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