Saturday, January 23, 2010

Try, Try Again

I am the Babbling Bitter Bitch. I had a blog and I loved it so! I let me, being the Bitter Bitch that I am, get the best of me and I deleted it. Broke my heart, but what broke my heart more is that people couldn't respect that I am a person and have feelings that are not always so sweet and friendly. I tend to be a friendly person, but my goodness this infertility crap has just turned me into a horrible, jealous person. Be back soon to fill you in on us.


hhammer said...

Woohoo!! Glad to see you back!!! =) Babble away, m'dear.

Leda said...

There is no way I could stay away from blogging. I am to addicted! I just needed to get away from that other depressing one where I now have nothing.