Monday, January 25, 2010

3 follicles

Hmmm. What does this mean for me? The ultrasound tech said two were at 14mm and one was at 13mm. She said that all 3 were dominant instead of last month just the 1. I am guessing this ups the chance of multiple which makes me and T want to crap our pants. But along with that it ups our odds of just the 1 as well. I should O Saturday or Sunday. I went ahead and scheduled myself an appointment on Tuesday with my GYN. I would like to speak to her face-to-face for a little follow-up and a Q&A session. I have a zillion questions and want to find out what her answers are. I know she is going to say we need that SA but that is not covered by our insurance and we can't afford it right now. Being broke and infertile is a bitch. Anyway, that is today's update.

PS - I just joined the ICLW today and have a few comments! Do I need to post a welcome for you guys? I have seen some other blogs who have done it so I was not sure

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