Monday, January 25, 2010

Eating and Drinking (In)Fertility

All of you that are TTC know about the "Fertility Diet". No sushi (I don't eat it anyway), no alcohol, no lunch meat or hot dogs. Soft cheeses are out the window as well as artificial sweeteners.

In the beginning we all follow this religiously. So scared of that little possibility that there is indeed a baby in there. That your eggs could be damaged from that 1 wine cooler or hot dog. You even tell people that you can't eat it because you are trying and want to be careful. You miss out on your favorite meals and dishes at holidays "just in case".

But me, I am so over this diet. If it is not 8 DPO or later I have myself a drink. The first 2 weeks of my cycle I try my damnedest to drink all the Jaeger I can handle. I don't even worry about skipping out on foods that are not pregnancy friendly. I figure when I get that BFP I will stop eating hot dogs and lunch meat.

What exactly is one to do at parties and or when going out with friends? Fake it ladies, fake it. You know you can. Order something fruity looking or make yourself a "special" drink. I know personally we are having a New Year's Eve party this year at our house and I will be well into the 2WW (two week wait after you ovulate until your next AF). Typically, I drink, and a lot. This year I will be very obviously not inebriated and be drinking some sort of sparkly clear drink with some grenadine or something in it. Ugh. The fun of fucking infertility.

Up next : What do you want to know? Give me something you have wondered about or wish that someone had told you when you were early in TTC.

Thanks for the comments! I am so happy to know that someone is actually reading all of this and understands just where I am coming from. T knows and is actually reading this right now and making me uncomfortable.

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